professional values

Client Service. I provide my clients with creative and intelligent design proposals that are responsive to their specific needs, resources and limitations. While rendering professional services in a timely fashion, I always strive to provide my clients with what they want and need in a way they do not expect.

Project Partnership. When I accept a commission, I adopt my client’s goals for the project as my own. This is, in my experience, the necessary and appropriate obligation of the professional. I help my clients find the best solutions for the challenges that present themselves throughout a project.

Project Leader. I believe a good architect is a team leader–not just a team player. I see my role as that of project director; providing the team with the design vision and practical guidance needed to help my clients realize their goals.

Exceptional Value. Any construction project represents a significant investment in time and money. The services I provide are all aimed at not only increasing my clients’ enjoyment of their property, but also in increasing the property’s value. Accurate and complete construction documentation, thorough knowledge of all relevant Codes and Ordinances, and aggressive client representation during bidding and construction are all integral components of my service.