Dallas, Texas

This competition entry proposed a high density mixed-use complex for central Dallas. With more than one-third the total number of units listed as “affordable” and only ten percent of the project’s cost publically subsidized, the build had to be inexpensive to build and operate. Called “the Loop”, our design proposal was based on the fact that nature operates in cycles where there is no such thing as waste. The paradigm for industrialized human civilization is linear. Natural resources are extracted, produced and consumed. Waste is generated at all levels.

The Loop proposes a new paradigm for urban development by recognizing that it is a part of a much larger and more complex system. Loop provides a sustainable alternative to traditional development by acknowledging that the “highest and best use” for any given property is that which benefits the community around it while still offering a viable investment for its owners. The Loop integrates building uses, systems and functions to create something closer to Nature’s paradigm, while providing a functional, healthy, and enjoyable place for residents and visitors. The Loop is as much social contract as it is a building. It is an economically diverse, live/ work community that provides residents with opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship. These include an in-house recycling program, a 25,000square foot community garden, on-site energy production and a tenant operated shuttle bus and car rental program.