Adat Shalom Synagogue

Master Plan, Adat Shalom Synagogue, West Los Angeles

This pro bono study for a Jewish temple and school addressed the changing needs of the institution. The temple found that they were not efficiently using much of their classroom space. In addition to this, the temple had always suffered from lack of on-site parking. These factors, combine with the increasing costs of maintaining some of the older structures on their campus, caused the temple’s leadership to reconsider the constitution and arrangement of the facility.

I proposed that two existing buildings that were the largest source of maintenance costs be demolished and replaced with a parking lot and formal entry plaza to the campus (located in the upper left-hand area of the adjacent plans). The classrooms housed in the demolished structures would then be relocated to remaining school facility, which is currently used on a part-time basis (located in the center right hand area of the adjacent plans).

The proposed remodeling will require the creation of dual-use classrooms (red + blue= purple, on the adjacent plans), which will provide an upgrade for temple’s educational programs and make them more competitive in the local educational market place. The reorganized school faculty will also be closer to existing outdoor recreational areas (yellow). The on-site parking (gray) will provide a useful amenity for the temple membership. These improvements will reduce maintenance costs, as well as increase the value and marketability of the faculty.

With fundraising for this project largely complete, the temple is moving forward with plans to begin improvements in 2007.